However the 10.30 am service, 5 pm Meditation and 6pm evening service have continued - via Zoom. 

All welcome, regardless of where you live, or which church if any you have been attending.

For a copy of weekly order of service and other worship resources and for Zoom meeting details contact

Meditation Group at 5 pm. For Zoom meeting details contact

Evening Service at 6 pm. For information about discussion topics and Zoom meeting details contact 


10-30 am Morning Service
This is our main service. You will mostly find in it familiar elements of a Uniting Church service but informed by Biblical scholarship and progressive Christian theology, and invigorated by use of contemporary and inclusive language, prayers and readings.
Communion is offered on the 2nd  Sunday in the month, with individuals having bread and wine ready at home, for that point in the Zoom service.
We encourage participation in the service. There is an opportunity for those in the congregation to express joys and concerns, as prayer points; and following the sermon, there is a time for comments or questions from members of the congregation.
Leadership of each service is shared between two co-presiders. Our Minister, the Rev Chris Lockley, usually preaches on the 2nd and 4th Sundays with lay leaders in the congregation taking this role on other Sundays.
There is morning tea chat after the service, in Zoom breakout rooms.

5 pm Meditation 
(In the Brindabella Room when meeting in person)
This is a small group which meets “in the round” for about 45 minutes.
We draw on Christian traditions of meditation or contemplative prayer. Our meeting comprises short readings, music and some practical guidance on how to meditate, all structured around 20 minutes of silence.
The guidance we offer follows the practice of the World Christian Meditation Movement (WCCM) 
Sources for our readings, including spoken prayers, in 2018 include:
• John Main, Daily Readings – Silence and Stillness in Every Season [and other WCCM material]
• Francis Macnab, A Fine Wind Blowing [A modern interpretation of Psalms and other readings]
• David Johnson, A Quaker Prayer Life.
• This We Can Say, Australian Quaker Life, Faith and Thought.
For more information contact Evan on 0414 759 883 or email

6 pm Evening Service
(In the Brindabella Room when meeting in person)
This is a small and informal service. It has three main elements: a simple liturgy, a period of sharing and a discussion led by one of the group.

Recent evenings have included:

• Prophecy and Power in Hebrew Scripture

• Discussion topic: is Biblical justice social justice? 

• Video by Rev. Michael Dowd, on 'Ecology as Spirituality'.

On the first Sunday in the month the group shares an Agape Meal, a simple meal which commences with the sacramental sharing of bread and wine. It recalls the meals Jesus shared with his disciples during his Ministry.