• Friday@Coffee  - 10.30 – noon Friday. A time to share morning tea, chat ... every Friday.

  • Network –  Given Covid restrictions, this monthly social gathering is now a lunchtime meeting in a local club. For details contact

  • Spiral ACT – 10.00 am Thursday (Contact: Brett Yeats or 6281 7684) Given Covid restrictions, this group is currently in recess

  • Chocolate Bear Playgroup:  10.00 am to 12 noon Monday Breastfeeding Australia;10.00 am to 12 noon Wednesday, Good Shepherd Playgroup. Given Covid restrictions, these groups are currently in recess

During the year we have occasional study groups or discussion groups.  We usually have a study group in the weeks before Easter and sometimes another later in the year. In 2020 our Lenten study was Celtic Spirituality, at 6 pm on Sunday, temporarily replacing the 6 pm service.