As individuals and as a congregation we have taken part in campaigns  and action relating to the marginalised and vulnerable (e.g. drug law reform, support for refugees, creation of the MyHome in Canberra residential facility) and society-wide issues eg the need for action to address climate change - and we will continue to do so.

See article on Theology and Advocacy

 Other reading:

The Spring 2021 issue of the Canberra Region Presbytery magazine, Viewpoint, focused on the question of Advocacy

Anglican Board of Mission, 2020 study: 'Climate for Change'

Cry of the Earth Cry of the Poor, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Social Justice Statement 2021-22


Links to organisations:

Australian Religious Response to Climate Change

Canberra Refugee Action Committee Facebook page

Christians for an Ethical Society (a Canberra based ecumenical forum)

MyHome in Canberra  - aiming to provide safe, secure accommodation for people with an enduring mental illness