Advice from NSW Chief Health Officer

23 Aug 2020 by Rev Dr John Squires in: Letters, Thoughts, News

Advice from NSW Chief Health Officer

COVID-19 Advice
The NSW Chief Health Officer Dr. Kerry Chant, has again written to religious organisations highlighting the recent outbreaks that have occurred at religious face to face gatherings.

I draw your attention specifically to the advice regarding singing whilst gathered:
“Singing in groups (whether by choirs or by congregants) or chanting is a particularly high-risk activity and must not take place at this time, irrespective of whether singers or chanters are wearing masks. The only COVID-Safe singing that is permitted is a solo singer distanced at least five metres away from other people and not directly above the audience.”

Whilst this advice applies directly to Congregations within NSW, the advice is based on the latest informed medical and scientific understandings of this matter, and therefore should provide a clear guide also to Congregations within the ACT.

The Chief Health Officer also provides strong encouragement for all worship participants to wear a mask whilst gathered for worship.

I commend it to your reading and encourage you to ensure that our practices remain consistent with this sound advice.
To download a copy of the CHO letter - CLICK HERE

John Squires
Secretary to the Presbytery