Palm Sunday Rally for Refugees

16 Apr 2019 by Janise Wood in: Dates, Events and Publications

Presbytery Congregations were well represented at Palm Sunday Rally for Refugees; ENOUGH is ENOUGH. It was very encouraging to see as evident in the images here so many from Uniting Churches around the Capital join with a huge diversity of Australian society to proclaim with one voice that Enough is Enough and in 2019 we strive for ALL OFF Manus and Nauru. We have a huge challenge to turn this dreadful situation around but as speakers from Christian, Muslim and Secular society urged for all Australian to reach for the best in us …not to allow anymore the words of fear and lies drive us to the worst in us. As Australian we can do better. We can turn these dreadful, destructive and expensive policies around. Thanks to all who joined the rally and continued the journey for justice and compassion.

Delia Quigley and John Williams
Co-Chairs of Presbytery