The Life of the Presbytery: Part 4

23 May 2021 by Janise Wood in: Letters, Thoughts, News

The Life of the Presbytery – the Operations Manager, Janise Wood
How can we help?  In my travels around the Presbytery, I am asked a wide range of questions relating to congregational life and the processes of the church. I would say the most common questions and requests I receive are related to property.
The Presbytery has a Property Committee of elected members which operates under the by-laws and direction of the Presbytery whist adhering to the policies and processes of Synod and the Property Trust. Quite the balancing act!
The Property Committee is tasked with approving applications to buy, sell, or lease property. The Committee also handles applications to build, extend or renovate and manage all properties listed in the property register as Presbytery properties.
As Operations Manager and in partnership with our Property Committee, we can help with leases, property hire, insurance claims, property maintenance, transfer of properties to Presbytery, heritage sites and general property related issues.
The Operations role can also be of support to congregations in relation to websites, finance, payroll applications, Synod forms and policies, COVID safety plans, Presbytery Committee information, operational Presbytery matters and a general contact point for help if you feel you have hit a dead end.  
Our staff, office bearers and committees are all working together in support of congregations, Ministers and Faith Communities under our Presbytery. If you need assistance, please get in touch.
Janise Wood
Operations Manager
Mobile-0455 558 130