Whisper on My Palm - Rev Dr Sarah Agnew

13 Feb 2022 by Rev Dr John Squires in: Letters, Thoughts, News

Whisper on My Palm

Congratulations to the Rev. Dr Sarah Agnew, who has recently published her fourth collection of poems, under the heading Whisper on My Palm. The book is subtitled Poems in a Time of Grief, Illness, and a Global Pandemic, and is published by Wipf and Stock.

Sarah is one of the ministry team at the Wesley Forrest Uniting Church. She holds a PhD in New Testament from Edinburgh University (published as Embodied Performance: Mutuality, Embrace, and the Letter to Rome; Pickwick, 2020) and is a member of the Network of Biblical Storytellers’ Scholars Seminar.

The publisher’s website says: “Sarah Agnew takes the reader on a poetic journey through community and individual crises of bushfires and the global pandemic, loneliness and friendship, and the grief following her beloved Dad's sudden death. With characteristic courage and vulnerability, these poems will lead you through lament and healing, loss and love, and the continued unfolding of self-understanding.”

Congratulations to Sarah on this continuing creativity amidst all the trials of the last few years.