9 Sep 2022 by David Cran in: Our news

National Church Life Survey

The NCLS is designed to listen to the views of our leadership, attenders, and broader community to provide a picture of our church’s health and vitality. The results help us identify our strengths and provide processes to help us evaluate, make decisions and connect effectively with our community.

In 2016, both SWUC and St. James UC participated. This time WVUC signed up for the survey. 

The survey was originally programmed for October/November 2021 – which was thought to be a bit early for WVUC as we’d only combined on 14 February that year. Notwithstanding, we went ahead based on two locations – Curtin and Pearce

Fortuitously, for WVUC at least, the survey was deferred due to COVID and was instead undertaken in March/April 2022.  By then we had moved to one location and we had over 12 months together as new Church.

The participation rate was pleasing, with 22 online and 6 community responses online plus upwards of 30 hard copy which did not include Leader surveys.

In assessing our results, we must be aware that they may be tempered by the fact that we are a new entity

We are now able to access the first results from the 2022 NCLS for our church. This online report provides a snapshot of the findings across 7 key areas for our church including:

  • The people of this church
  • What people value and prioritise
  • How people relate to God
  • Church attendance and background
  • How people relate to each other
  • How people relate to the wider community
  • Vision, innovation and leadership culture

 To see our results:

  1. Click on 2021ncls.org.au/results
  2. Enter our Profile Number: VWKKEE

More results will be available later this year including the Church Life Pack that will contain our full Church Life Profile, Church Life Workbook and other helpful resources. This report will include more detail, and, where possible, comparisons to previous survey results and to our denominational results.