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How Christians can respond in a scary world 3 Jul 2024 by Adrian Drayton
Wayside reveals 50 percent increase in visitors as it marks a 60-year milestone and kicks off winter campaign 2 Jul 2024 by Synod Communications
Replace punishment with prevention, says Raise the Age network 27 Jun 2024 by Jonathan Foye
UME – Mission Team Alignment to Future Directions 18 Dec 2023 by Rev. Glen Spencer, Director of Mission
Synod Aligns its Focus to Mission Support 18 Dec 2023 by Rev. Jane Fry, General Secretary
Synod 2023 Transforming Spirit Recap 10 Oct 2023 by Aditee Vora, Synod Communications
All livestream sessions now available from Synod 2023 8 Oct 2023 by Synod Communications
Leading not-for-profits and church leaders support 'Yes' campaign 1 Oct 2023 by Insights Magazine
The Synod Growth Investment Fund: A Catalyst for Change 3 Jul 2023 by Rev. Dr Cameron Eccleston, Mission Facilitation Consultant
Please continue to pray for Türkiye and Syria 3 Mar 2023 by Rev. Simon Hansford, Moderator
Helping former prisoners move outside the barbed wire 17 Jun 2022 by Dr Jonathan Foye is Insights Editor
Calling political leaders to act on Climate Change 6 Apr 2022 by Insights Magazine
Multi faith centre dedicated at CSU Port Macquarie 30 Mar 2022 by Jonathan Foye
Australians value spirituality during crisis 23 Mar 2022 by Insights Magazine
A new season for Common Grace and Brooke Prentis 17 Feb 2022 by Dr Jonathan Foye
Illawarra Presbytery Commissioning 16 Feb 2022 by via Insights website
Resourcing Future Directions and Mission 14 Oct 2021 by Janet Kay
Synod meeting discusses voluntary assisted dying 7 Jun 2021 by Jonathan Foye
Church praises advocacy work and votes to fix 'broken' extended care system 7 Jun 2021 by Martin Thomas
Synod votes to plant a new school and congregation 7 Jun 2021 by Jonathan Foye
Going where the wild God is 7 Apr 2021 by Martin Thomas and Jonathan Foye
Synod 2021 begins this week 5 Apr 2021 by Jonathan Foye
Planning our 50th Birthday Party 23 Jun 2020 by Glen Powell
What is that shapes genuine Christian community 19 Jun 2020 by Mark Faulkner
Connecting kids and nature 19 Jun 2020 by Angela Cadena
The wilderness is part of the journey 19 Jun 2020 by Rev. Dr Ockert Meyer
Lithgow finds hope during challenging times 13 May 2020 by Jonathan Foye
Values and principles in the midst of a pandemic 12 May 2020 by Rev. Dr John Squires
Church with no walls - Chaplaincy during the pandemic 4 May 2020 by Rev. Jean Shannon
COVID-19 Information and resources for Presbyteries and Congregations 17 Apr 2020 by Adrian Drayton
COVID-19 Information Update on Uniting Resdential Aged Care Facilities 26 Mar 2020 by Rev. Jane Fry, General Secretary , Rev. Simon Hansford, Moderator
Pastoral Letter to Canberra Region Presbytery on COVID-19 pandemic 22 Mar 2020 by Rev. John Squires
Saltbush enhance community during COVID-19 19 Mar 2020 by Adrian Drayton
Gathering advice during COVID-19 18 Mar 2020 by Rev. Simon Hansford and Rev. Jane Fry
A Pastoral Message from the Moderator about COVID-19 18 Mar 2020 by Rev. Simon Hansford
Focus on growth 31 Jan 2020 by Jonathan Foye